About Percussionist Frank Epstein

Since 1968, Frank Epstein has been a percussionist with the world-renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra. He is currently a member of the Tanglewood Music Center, as well as the chairman of the Percussion and Brass departments at the New England Conservatory. As one of the founders of the Collage New Music Ensemble, he served as their musical director for over 25 years, and has recently authored the book Cymbalisms, a complete guide for the Orchestral Cymbal Player.

Frank Epstein is proud to introduce a full line of percussion instruments. From handle-mounted castanets to playing machines, carrying cases, music, literature, and more, Frank Epstein Percussion is the preferred choice of orchestral percussionists throughout the world. Known for his innovation and attention to detail, Frank Epstein Percussion products are both unique and finely-crafted.

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